Rates / Reservation Policy

Rescheduling/Refund Policy:

  1. No refunds within 2 weeks of trip, but you can reschedule
  2. Rescheduling not allowed within 96 hours of trip
  3. Living Social/Groupon Customers - no rescheduling, no refunds

Do I need to sign a waiver?
Yes, after booking, your confirmation email will have a link that ALL members of your party must sign. Please forward the email or the link to your group long ahead of time to maximize the trip time!

3 Person Bar Hopper (All Week)
  • $150 to Book Just for Your Group!
10 Person Bike Bar Weeknight (Sun-Thurs)
  • $249 to Book Just for Your Group!
10 Person Bike Bar Weekend (Fri-Sat)
  • $325 to Book Just for Your Group!
IMPORTANT! Minimum of 7 Needed for (10 or 12) Person Bike Bar to be Confirmed! Use a Bar Hopper For Groups Smaller Than 3.

Your two hour Denver Booze Cruise must be paid in full when making your reservation. You will receive a confirmation email and a copy of our waiver which must be filled out by all riders: it's your boarding pass. We ride rain or shine so please dress for the CO weather

Note:The full size (10 or 12) person bike seats 10, and there is space for 2 in the middle section, which we lovingly refer to as our "dance floor"

Click HERE  for copy of liability waiver - electronic version to be digitally signed sent via email

  • Meet at 22nd and Blake
  • Arrive with your group early enough to start off with a bite to eat (we'll be exercising and drinking!).
  • Bring a cooler stocked with beverages for the ride.
  • Bring a resealable plastic container for drinks (for example- nalgene, gatorade bottle, etc) to limit spilling. 
  • Denver Booze Cruise is subject to all laws and regulations of Denver city and county.
  • A tour is 2 hours and normally consists of 3 bars, 20mins at each bar. It is customizable within limitations. Please call if you'd like to discuss a customized route.
  • A MAXIMUM of 10ppl will be allowed on the Bike Bar, 3 for the Bar Hopper. No exceptions.
  • Unless otherwise specified, you will act as team captain to facilitate all communication between your group and your driver.
  • The group is required to listen to all instructions from the driver at all times. He/She is the final say on all matters.
  • Our music system plugs right into your phone, so you can put together a play list... so you're listening to your favorite tunes all night long!
  • Dress for the weather.
  • All members of group must be 18yrs old. 21+ to drink.
  • All members of group must sign liability waiver before boarding.

######Please leave in plenty of time to get back to the start point We are often booked back to back with no time in between Booze Cruises. If we start late, your time will not be made up on the back end######